Back to School with Intention

The words “back to school” stir up varied emotions; excitement, anxiety, nervousness, relief and even dread. No matter what your outlook on it is, setting an intention can bring desired results and lessen anxiety. For adults going back to work, summer’s end can bring up similar feelings.

Children and adults can benefit from the power of intention or as it is frequently called manifestation. It is the fulfillment of our desires and intentions coming to fruition. This can be scholastic, nutrition, health, mental and social desires from a parent’s or kid’s point of view.

Of course, just wishing isn’t enough, we need actions behind the intention. It makes them all the more powerful.
Here are some intentions we can set, paired with actions, as kids go back to school, vacations end and adults go back to work.

Overcome the social anxiety of returning to school or work.
Intention: I will focus on the positive such as seeing my friends, partaking in group activities I enjoy and focus on the true meaning of being there.
Action: Visit the school beforehand if it is new. Make plans to meet with friends on the first day back. Seeing familiar, comforting faces will ease anxiety. Join an after school or work activity that is fun and brings joy, not just competition. Do the homework and work assignments knowing that you are learning and growing as a person with each task performed and every social interaction, never knowing where it will lead in life.

Stick with a healthy diet so you can be your best.
: I will eat delicious foods that are good for my body and my brain.
Action: Healthy back to school & work options are available. Choose a fuel filled breakfast such as sliced apples with peanut butter, organic eggs in a whole grain wrap or organic oatmeal with almond milk and fresh berries. Keep energy and focus up with a great lunch like a salad with chicken and avocado, almond butter and banana in a wrap, turkey and cheese in lettuce wraps with apple slices on the side. Healthy choices provide sustained energy and focus instead of a sugary slump later on.

Nutritional support can help.
Intention: Supplements can help me stay energized and focused while providing nutritional support where I need it.
Action: Take DHA from Omega-3 fish oils. Studies show DHA promotes focus, mental clarity, memory and even support for ADHD. Fish oils also offer inflammation relief for sports activities too. Protein shakes, smoothies with real fruit & greens and fresh pressed juices offer natural energy and nutrition as great in between meal snacks or for an on the go breakfast or after school snack. Kids usually love strawberry or vanilla shakes or watermelon or apple/carrot juices.

Setting intentions with your kids is a great way to open a conversation about concerns and issues while addressing them with positivity and solutions. The connection to positive thoughts will have outlasting effects for both adults and kids and can be applied to all aspects of life.