Hungry Little Bellies Need Nutrients

It’s preposterous that someone can be overweight but starving for nutrients due to their diet. This is especially common in children. Kids living off of cereal, pasta, pizza and other processed foods are lacking in nutrients plus increasing their risk of adult obesity. Many are “skinny-fat” so even though they seem their appropriate weight their arteries and heart are that of an adult on their way to coronary disease. Never before in America have we seen heart attacks and so much obesity related disease in kids. Unfortunately the food companies don’t have our best interest in mind and are making foods that are born in labs and laden with sugar, dyes, preservatives and unhealthy fats like hydrogenated oil.
It’s up to us to take control of our family’s diet and seize our health and happiness.
As we make our back to school plans let’s take note of what’s in the fridge and cabinets and begin again. Read labels. What’s in that peanut butter? It should list: peanuts.
Switching to unprocessed meals and snacks kids can live and learn optimally each day.

Off to a Good Start Breakfast Ideas
Oatmeal with cinnamon, vanilla almond milk and blueberries
Whole grain or gluten free toast with natural peanut butter
Scrambled eggs with one teaspoon salsa and one tablespoon cheddar cheese
Creamsicle Smoothie (8oz almond milk, 1 spoonful plain Greek yogurt, vanilla whey and ½ fresh peeled orange)
Greek yogurt topped with fruit and granola
All natural or homemade waffle topped with natural peanut butter
Hard boiled egg and 1 cup low sugar, BHT-free cereal

Beat the Afternoon Slump Lunch Ideas
Turkey and cheese lettuce wraps
Turkey roll-ups with mustard, side of apple slices w/peanut butter
Greek yogurt topped with fruit and granola
Whole wheat wrap filled with homemade chicken fingers, cheese and shredded lettuce

Have a food exorcism!
Get rid of…soda, high fructose corn syrup, BHT, Dyes (like FD&C red, blue, yellow, green),
partially hydrogenated oil, artificial flavors and sweeteners, msg, sugary cereals, bleached or enriched flour, fake maple syrup, processed chicken nuggets and white sugar.

Welcome into your home…
Cage free eggs, organic or farm milk and dairy, grass fed meat, humanely raised pork and poultry, almond milk, un-sweetened yogurt, flavored seltzer, whole grain bread and pasta, organic fruits and veggies from the “dirty dozen” list and more greens (sneak them in).

A change in diet can be jolting to most kids but luckily their brains are little sponges and as you begin to teach them why they shouldn’t eat certain things they will understand and make better choices. By not having unhealthy choices in the house they will learn to reach for something more beneficial in the long run. It will be a lifestyle change and not a restriction or punishment.

There are enlightening documentaries on Netflix, DVD, and online that you can explore with your kids: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Food Inc., Super Size Me, Forks Over Knives, Fed Up and Hungry for Change.

Fun Fall Workouts

Here are some fun exercise options in fall .

Love bike riding? Then spinning may be for you. The class instructor will play cool music and guide you through “hills and valleys” on a stationary bike. Adjust the bike to your fitness level by adjusting your position, peddle cadence and tension knob on the bike. It’s great for people who love high intensity spurts, music, an upbeat guided class and those who may be fearful of riding with cars. Many gyms offer spin class, prices and schedules vary. Wear padded shorts and good sneakers. Expect to burn 400-600 calories per 40 minute class.

Strength Training
Building muscle through weight bearing exercise increases bone density and metabolism, builds a stronger core and reduces risk of injury as you age. Muscle weighs more than fat so a person weighing 150 pounds with more muscle will look vastly slimmer and more fit versus a person with more body fat. After strength training your body continues to burn fat and calories. Joining a gym and using its machines yields great results. You can also buy weights and workout at home if you are self-motivated. For those that need more of a push, personal training sessions will motive and teach you the proper way to exercise while keeping you on track with an appointment. Costs vary depending on gym membership, training sessions and the investment in your home based workout. Benefits are immense and long term.

High-Intensity Interval Training is a workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and less activity/rest. For example you will do jumping jacks or be jumping rope for one minute then standing bicep curls or rest for 2 minutes then back to jumping rope and so on. You can vary your workout every time with different activities. The pros of HIIT are you can do it anywhere, it requires little to no equipment and anyone can do it. Studies show you will burn more fat and calories for 24 hours AFTER your HIIT workout compared to other workouts. Most of the weight loss comes from fat stores not muscle mass, great for people trying to slim down yet look toned. During your HIIT workout you will burn more calories in a shorter time which mean less time, better results.

A practice for mind, body and spirit originated in India. Yoga has transformed many by building strength, calming the mind and reducing stress. Trying different types is part of the fun and journey. Vinyasa is a series of flowing postures and rhythmic breathing to create a heated yet fun yoga session. Some teachers use soft spa like music while others use more contemporary. Iyengar yoga is a series of postures which are held much longer than other types of yoga. Props like belts and foam bricks are used to help achieve the posture safely and effectively. Bikram is a type of hot yoga replicating India’s climate where temperatures reach 100 degrees. The sweating helps promote detoxification and better flexibility. Begin all classes with an intention whether you want fitness, calmness, healing or something more specific. All yoga classes end with a meditation where students can relax and let go of fears, doubts and negativity. Studios and gyms offer many types and prices vary with an average class about $15-20.

Summer ends but physical activity doesn’t have to. Keep up your workouts or start a new one.