Holistic Remedies for Everyday Issues

There are definite benies to western medicine but let’s not forget the thousands of years people relied on medicinal herbs and house hold solutions to cure what ailed them. Much of western medicine relies on treating the symptom rather than curing the root of the problem. Holistic medicine can offer preventative resolutions to arising ailments and treat sickness in a natural way. Prescriptions may alleviate a symptom but can cause a host of issues. Just listen to the warnings in many prescription commercials and wonder if taking meds is really that safe when a side effect is stroke, heart attack or even death.
Let’s explore some safe, healthy solutions to common health issues.

Heartburn/acid reflux is when the acid from your stomach moves up into your esophagus. Taking an antacid may do the trick but over time the acid is eroding your body and antacids offer no long-term solution. Instead add more alkaline foods to your diet like berries and greens. Powdered greens can be added to any liquid for a flavorful alkaline drink. Or add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to water and drink daily. It is bitter but will balance your ph. Eliminate or reduce acidic foods like shellfish, tomatoes, coffee, OJ and alcohol.

Eczema can be linked to diet as well, mainly an allergy to chocolate, dairy or eggs. Try removing these from your diet then slowly add one at a time looking for a negative reaction. To reduce inflammation try a bath with chamomile tea bags and oatmeal for a soothing solution until you get to the root of the problem. Eliminate fake perfumes and dyes from laundry detergent and skincare. Avoid dryer sheets.

Insomnia is so frustrating. Here are some collective solutions to try: 1)turn off electronics three hours prior to bedtime 2)take a calcium/magnesium supplement with dinner 3)take a hot bath with Epsom salt 4)drink a tea which promotes relaxation like chamomile or valerian 5)eliminate caffeine 5-6 hours prior to bedtime 6)supplement nightly with 5HTP which promotes serotonin and relaxation.

Stress/Anxiety/Depression is not an easy fix because it is brain chemistry. But it’s not impossible if it’s mild to moderate. Mood can be elevated with supplementing with vitamin D3. A blood test will reveal deficiency. Many holistic practioners believe a blood lipid level below 40 is low. It takes 2000-4000 iu daily for most people to elevate their levels. Omega-3 Fish Oils offer healthy fats for your brain along with acids like DHA and EPA which promote mood elevation, concentration and memory enhancement. Look for 500-1000mg of DHA and EPA per serving. Carlson makes tasty liquids you can add to foods or take by the spoonful. Avoid alcohol which acts as a depressant in your brain. Exercise helps by releasing endorphins which make you feel happy.

Remember that health is a work in progress and using natural remedies takes time. What people love about prescriptions is they work quickly but sadly they don’t offer long-term wellness. Lifestyle and genes are not a dead end, we can optimize our bodies with a good diet and informed decisions.

This advice does not replace the care of your doctor. The best care would be integration especially if you are already dealing with a serious illness.

The Heart…Your True Love

Ahhh…Valentines Day… chocolate, flowers, romance, vena cava, right ventricle, left atrium…huh? February is Heart Month, a chance to evaluate the health of our hearts and the love we give it in more ways than one.

There are several parts to achieving a healthy heart all of which add up to wholeness.

Choose sustainable (friendofthesea.org) oily fish rich in Omega 3’s 2-3 times per week in place of red meat or pork. Eat more fruits, vegetables and fiber which will have a positive impact on heart health and weight. Read labels for easy to pronounce, wholesome ingredients, avoiding trans fats and hydrogenated oils present in processed foods. People living in the “blue zone” have a greater life expectancy with a veg-based diet. Try a Meatless Monday or a Vegan Weekend aka Vegend.

Reduce Stress
~While there are things in life we cannot control like an illness or a person behaving badly we can limit time with toxic people and places that don’t serve our greater good.
~Make peace in realizing you cannot “fit it all in.” Say no and don’t overschedule.
~You can only be a good person to others if you are good to yourself. Take a nap or get a massage.
Twenty to thirty minutes a day is what you need to get the heart pumping, squash anxiety and burn calories. The body is meant to move, not to sit and stair at a monitor for hours and hours. Try yoga, brisk walking, weight training, dancing, swimming, biking, spinning or tennis.

Love & Social Circle
~Own a pet. A Minnesota study concluded cat owners had a 30% reduction in heart attacks. And seniors with dogs had lower blood pressure.
~Forgiveness results in feelings of empathy and compassion. Letting go of anger is heart opening and healing.

Live with Purpose
What is something you did and enjoyed but haven’t done in a while? Painting, baking, dancing, volleyball, bowling, gardening or camping? Enjoy life, do something for yourself and then do something for someone else. Help a friend… pay a bill, move, build a doghouse, paint a room. Help a stranger…volunteer at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter or non-profit. Live and love with conviction.

And since it’s Valentines Day….CHOCOLATE!

Eating a small amount of dark chocolate per day which contains heart healthy flavanols has been shown in studies to increase vascular circulation, have a positive impact on blood pressure and have increased antioxidant presence in the blood stream working against oxidative stress. Choose 70%+ dark chocolate, not chocolate with milk which counteracts the effects of the antioxidants. Support organic, fair-trade which means the bean is grown without harmful pesticides and workers and farmers are paid fair wages for their crops.

heart disease can be genetic. The good news is you can be proactive in the fight against heart disease by living an overall healthy lifestyle. Positive choices will have a positive impact.