Summer Wellness

Summer is the time when Mother Nature is in all her glory. It’s a great time to recheck your summer routines and see if they need a makeover.

Choose Your Sunblock With Care
Products we put on our skin find their way into our bloodstream so avoid chemical sunscreens containing ingredients like avobenzone and oxybenzone. Choose mineral based sunscreens found mostly in health food stores and are made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both protective against UVA and UVB rays. Both are minerals found in nature known to be safe for your body and stable in sunlight. Mineral sunscreens begin working right away and stay on in the water although reapplication is advised. They are reef safe unlike chemical sunscreens which are destroying coral and fish populations. Try John Masters Organics SPF 30 Sunscreen.

Take care of your skin
While being exposed to the sun can have it’s health benefits (vitamin D production), too much can be harmful. Limit your sun exposure without sunblock to 15-20 minutes per day at times when the sun is at it’s weakness, early morning or after 5pm. Wear sunglasses, sunblock and a hat when at the beach, pool or exercising. Just because your skin isn’t dried out like it is in winter, don’t give up your beauty regime. Using an anti aging serum with vitamin C is very protective as well as restorative when it comes to your face any time of year. After a day in the sun slather yourself head to toe with some coconut oil to prevent peeling and help moisturize.

Shop locally - think globally
Summer is the perfect time to visit a farmer’s market and try what local farms have to offer. Fresher, local food translates into less time in an airplane or truck traveling to get to the supermarket creating a larger carbon footprint. You can also join a CSA (community supported agriculture)which is a membership that gives you weekly produce deliveries from farms nearby. Or grow your own! In your yard or a community garden, you’ll grow what you love and love what you grow. Towns across America are taking open spaces and turning them into community gardens. There are several around Long Island where you can put your name on the waiting list.

Clean Air Quality
Summer breezes make me feel fine. So I especially don’t want to clog the air with chemical cleaners and applications. Our home is our sanctuary and we need to show it some love. Try using plant-based products around your home which kill 99.99% of germs and have lovely scents like lavender and geranium. Outside skip the weed killers and fertilizers which pollute our beautiful Long Island waterways. Alternatives are sold which produce the same result using the safest path.

The Great Outdoors
Lastly, get outside and be active. It’s the best medicine to help alleviate anxiety, depression and obesity. Gardening, swimming, cycling, and hiking are all fun outdoor pursuits that leave you feeling as good as Mother Nature herself.